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English language courses in the USA


1. What is a language school?

2. What types of language schools are there?

3. How can I find a language course in the USA?

4. How do I choose the best language school for me?

Thousands of international students like you come to the USA yearly to improve their English language skills. One of the best ways to do this is by taking language courses at a school.

These schools can help improve your chances of being accepted into a prestigious English-speaking university or finding employment around the world.

Here is a breakdown of language schools and how to find language courses in the USA.  

What is a language school?

A language school is a place where ESL (English as a Second Language) or EFL (English as a Foreign Language) students can study.

This type of school differs from attending a college or university to complete a degree.

Some focus on students preparing for college, others specialize in conversational skills, and some teach professional English language learners.  

What types of language schools are there?

There are many types of language schools out there. Two main categories of language courses that you can find in the USA are private and public programs.

Private programs:

Private programs are not directly associated with any university or college. However, many schools will accept private language school courses as a replacement for placement tests.  

Some programs are short-term intensive language programs, and others have long-term boarding school options.

Public programs:

Public universities and colleges also offer short-term ESL language courses. These programs are primarily for high school and college students.

These don’t typically count for academic credit. Still, you can access university resources and meet students and professors on campus.

How do I find language courses in the USA?

Finding a language course in the USA is simple. One option is to go directly to the school’s website and look on your own.

Another option is ClassTrip’s directory, where you can search for schools that meet your needs. You can either search by location or the type of program.

There are over 100 schools in the directory in nine different major cities in the USA.

You can use this as a starting point for finding the best program for you. We will help you find schools based on criteria such as course type, location, start date, and housing options. Class Trip chose these schools because of their strong student reviews.

There is also a slight discount when you go through ClassTrip.

Once you have found a program, you can book directly from our website.

How do I choose the best language courses for me?

With so many schools out there, how do you choose a language course?

There are several things to consider when finding the best language courses.

A few things you should consider:

1. What is my overall goal for taking a language course? Are you looking to develop conversational, academic, or professional English skills?

2. Where do I want to study? Location can significantly impact your experience. Do you like cosmopolitan cities or do you prefer somewhere more relaxed? These factors could affect your choice.


3. What is my budget? Language schools have different prices. Large cities are more expensive than rural areas typically. Schools can cost between $400-2,000 per month, excluding housing, meals, transportation, and other expenses.




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