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Visas and Rules

U.S. student visa F-1 How to get the U.S. student visa F-1? How to be interviewed for a visa to the USA
How to fill in the DS-160 form How to sign up for the U.S. visa interview Visa fees for the U.S. student visa F-1 Work in the USA with the student visa F-1

Coming Soon: Studying

How to choose language courses in the USA? English language courses in the USA How to enroll into a university in the USA? Higher education in the USA How to find a job in the USA after university? How to get university sports scholarship?

Coming Soon: Living in America

Housing rentals in the United States Homestay: staying with an American family Student hostels, apartments and dormitories How to get an American ID? What is Social Security Number (SSN) and how to get it? How to get an American driving license?
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