Визовые сборы для студенчеcкой визы F1 в США

A part of the process of getting the student visa F-1 to the USA is the payment of two fees. The fees are non-refundable (even if visa is denied).

  • Application fee $185 (common for all types of visa)
  • SEVIS fee $350 (for student visa)

Application fee $185

The ways to pay vary from country to country. To learn more, visit the official website with the instructions for getting a U.S. visa: www.ustraveldocs.com.

Select your country and go to “Nonimmigrant Visa Information” → “Payment Options”. Read how to pay the fee and get the payment number (receipt number). Save this number. Also, save the payment receipt itself or print it (if it is in the electronic form). You will need it when signing up for the visa interview.

SEVIS fee $350


Before payment, you will need this information from I-20

  • SEVIS Identification Number — the number beginning with N that can be found on your I-20 in the upper left corner.
  • School Code — the code of your school from the section “School Information” in I-20. This code contains the signs “214F” in the middle. For example, SFR214F00751000.

How to pay SEVIS

  1. Open https://fmjfee.com and click “Submit Form I901 and Fee Payment”.
  2. On the next page below select the option “Form I-20” and click OK.
  3. Then fill in the information about yourself and the school (see above) in English. Pay attention that the birth date shall be in the American format month/day/year.
  4. At the next step select the payment method and enter the payment information.
  5. After it, the confirmation page will appear. Print the payment confirmation by clicking “Print This Page” below. This printout will be necessary at the visa interview.

After paying the fees

You shall have in hand the number of the application fee payment (and payment receipt) and the confirmation of SEVIS payment. Save them – you will need them later.

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