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How to sign up for the U.S. visa interview

A part of the process of getting the U.S. student visa F1 is an interview at the consulate. When you will be prepared and get all necessary documents, sign up for the visa interview on the website

For signing up, you will need:

How to sign up

Open and select the country, where you will have a visa interview. Click “New user?” (below). The following items can slightly vary from country to country.

Follow these steps and specify:

  • The type of visa: nonimmigrant visa
  • Embassy/Consulate – the city where you are going to have an interview. This step can be absent for some countries.
  • Interview language. This step can be absent for some countries.
  • Visa category: visas for students and participants of exchange programs
  • Visa class: F-1 — student visa
  • Applicant information in English:
    • Personal and contact data
    • DS-160 confirmation number (see above)
    • SEVIS number and school information (see above)
  • Family members applying with you (if any).
  • Information for the courier delivery of documents.
  • Number of $160 application fee payment (number of receipt). See above.
  • Date and time of the interview. Usually, the nearest date is available in 2-3 days.

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